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Mi Smart Band 4 – An accurate fitness tracker at a very decent price


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It’s chic looking with a number of great features and its easy on the pocket as well. The Mi Smart Band 4 is all in all quite a good deal. Launched by the popular Chinese electronics brand Xiaomi late last year, the fourth version of its very affordable Mi bands, Mi Smart Band 4 comes with a bigger display, new watch faces and a brand new gyroscope sensor that helps its track fitness activities with a greater degree of accuracy.

Chinese brand Xiaomi is known across the world for its innovative electronic products that provide an equal or better experience to the customer at a much lower price than that of such products manufactured by other well known international brands. The technology component of Xiaomi products is cutting edge and yet you can easily afford these.

The Waterproof Mi Smart band 4 has a capsule sized body that fits in a silicone strap. The display is a 0.95 inch AMOLED touch screen. In fact, the eye-catching display is one of the highlights of this Mi Smart Band 4. Another plus is the quite good brightness levels that make it convenient to read and surf content on band screen outdoors even when it’s quite sunny.

Mi Smart Band 4 is lightweight with comfortable straps which means that you can pretty much wear it the whole day or carry it along without any hassle. Using the band, you can access basic workout details, heart rate monitoring, weather, and phone notifications, alarm, and music controls. One of the USP’s of the Mi Smart Band 4 is that its tracking figures are quite accurate, an issue that customers face with many other smart bands. It can track a broad range of workouts including swimming. Besides, the Mi Smart Band 4 can also effectively track sleep.

Priced very reasonably at just Rs 2,299, the Health and wellness tracking Mi Smart Band 4 is a deal for you if you are looking for an accurate fitness tracker with innovative features at quite a moderate price.

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