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“Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional”

Sanjeev Uniyal. Laughing faces do not mean that there is absence of sorrow, but it reflects their ability to deal with sorrow” Shakespeare once said. “The best cases in the world have been won in the Lawyer’s Chamber not in the court”. A famous barrister said once.

This time is unpleasantly very tough, long and sometimes gives an impression that it will never come to an end. After the second COVID wave people around have been miserably shaken from head to toe. Almost every family has a valuable and irreparable loss of near and dear ones. But believe this time shall pass too. As Moon always pass through night for Sun to take the place in the sky next day and this cycle continues.

This country Bharat has an immense inner spiritual strength, which no other nation has. This unique invisible power in the culture of Bharat has been transported from the Rishi Muni of this ancient land from generations to generations. As Chanakya said:

कली शयानो भवति, संजिहानस्तु द्वापरः उत्तिष्ठित् त्रैता भवति, कृतं संपध्यते चरन्. चरैवेति चरैवेति……

Meaning – Kali is when one sleeps, Dvapara is when he wakes up, Treta is when he stands up, and Krta is when he walks. Hence always walk i.e. be dynamic, keep moving. Movement is life.

Proceeding forward is synonymous to the positivity. As we can balance the bicycle only when we keep peddling it, the moment we stop peddling it will become static and imbalanced. So in this prevalent time one has to be positive and keep moving. How can a person remain positive in the Lock down or Quarantine?

There might be various ways as Sarsangh Chalak of RSS recently in a webinar said there are many ways by which a person can remain positive, alert, active and healthy. Having patience and being disciplined is the only way forward. He added people should join the organisations who are helping patients of Corona in hospitals by way of making arrangements for beds, oxygen, food for attendants etc. do not sit ideal at home ideally, learn something new increase communication and dialogue with the family.  

He said one must remember these lines “Success is not final, failure is not fatal. The courage to continue is the only thing that matters”.

Dr. Bhagwat said “Bharat is an ancient country and it has overcome many crisis in the past, for this we have to keep our body corona negative and mind full of Positivity”.

There are plenty of ways by which one can have positive mind. Sewa is the best way to channelize the energy in the fruitful manner. One can indulge himself in the hobbies, passion by way of making painting, listening to music, reading, sculpture making, learning to speak new languages etc.

The adverse circumstances make you to learn some unique lessons which you would have not been able to learn in the normal course.  “Suffering can only make or break us”.

As Sadhvi Ritambra said in one of the webinars on ‘Positivity Unlimited’ that the biggest mountains can be moved by courage and determination. When the river flows it has the ability to convert big rocks into sand. Therefore, feeling helpless in this challenging situation would’t  resolve the crisis, you have to awaken your inner strength to meet this challenge”.

To stay calm is the epicentre of facing a challenge. Only an unambiguous mind can analyse the difference between a mistake and right choice. One has to struggle with himself to find solutions with patience to strengthen family, society and nation at large.

As the human race have inbuilt capacity to deal with the spontaneous crisis since we have been gifted with precious faculty of Brain which can think, analyse, assess and take a decisive step against a problem.

In Bhagvad Gita Sri Krishna helps Arjun to rise above the turmoil in the mind to think clearly, work a strategy, implement it meticulously and emerge triumphant. Sri Krishna said in Bhagvad Gita:

सुखदु:खे समे कृत्वा लाभालाभौ जयाजयौ |
ततो युद्धाय युज्यस्व नैवं पापमवाप्स्यसि || 38||

sukha-dukhe same kitvā lābhālābhau jayājayau
tato yuddhāya yujyasva naiva
pāpam avāpsyasi

Meaning – One has to put comfort-discomfort, profit-loss on the same footing while doing so Krishna further says to Arjun that you won’t be subjected to a sin while fighting in with Kauravas.

One has to develop the intellect to make boundaries within the mind to control whims and fancies. The original thinking exercises the mind by acquiring more oxygen and develop the intellect, which leads to innovation, development and progress. One gets the direction for this life also. An English professor Ella Fitzgerals once said “Its not where you come from, it is where you are going that counts”.

It is almost like doing the things you think you cannot do, since opportunities do not happen, you create them. One has to prepare for the adverse circumstances while anticipating in advance, as the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining. What is going on outside cannot be controlled but what goes on inside can be controlled.

One has to expand his vision to accommodate the well-being of all the people of the society as: ‘सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः’, ‘वसुधैव कुटुम्बकं’ Meaning thereby –

All the people on earth should be healthy as complete world is our family. Once you think about self you become anxious and worried. Once you think beyond self you become calm, composed, creative and productive, for a higher goal which inspires you.

Change is the law of nature, everything in the world changes. Hence this COVID crisis is also going to vanish soon, often when you think it’s the end of something, it is the beginning of something else. So, this post COVID era will come with a new experience, understanding and learning.  “रूपं रूपं प्रतिरूपः बभुव”

Meaning all forms are replica of the primary form as “all forms have a hint of formless” as “all sounds leads to silence”,  “all movements has stillness” and “all darkness leads to light”. So one has to accept himself, love himself and keep moving forward. You are only here for a short visit, so don’t hurry, don’t worry and be sure to smell the flowers along the way.

We should not lose our vital energy in constant reaction to everybody around, one must learn ‘no reaction’ through silence. Once a saint said: “Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional”.

Sanjeev Uniyal, Advocate, Supreme Court of India and columnist and TV Panelist

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