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Sustenance of Toxic, but Robust Eco-system

The waves of pandemic and religious sensitivity have hit our country in a very gruesome manner. Even though the former has started dissipating from the roots of our soil, the latter has taken the Indian youth into its grasp. Predominantly, India has been home to the birth of Hinduism but the foreign Islamic invasions have continuously thawed upon the very fabric of our religious integrity from the last couple of centuries.

The role of media and networks has been crucial in every crusade against the oppressor, making the media and social networking sites the “Giants” of the modern world. Even though dictators have become a thing of past, something like a collective dictatorship has emerged in this contemporary world where the saints have nonsensically categorized as oppressors and the so-called oppressed have become the real dictators masqueraded as the oppressed.

Truth has always been the beacon of media and mass communication since the times of British tyranny in India. Since the start of publishing of newspapers, the hidden atrocities of various dictators and tyrants have come to light in the last 400 years. The purpose of establishing media and journalism into the roots of the society was to prevent uncalled oppression against the lower segments of the society, where one way or other, media called out to the people to start establishing the basic tenets of democracy.

In light of the above, precarious trust has been reinforced in the minds and hearts of people for these so-called torch bearers of freedom and democracy – media, journalism and mass communication, which have become so powerful that whatever is emitted out from them is deemed to be the ultimate truth. Such a dangerous philosophy about these new Giants have been whiffed up by the most infamous and notorious schools of thought across the world – Islamists and Communists.

After bollywood movie like Holiday starring Akshay Kumar, people of India have been introduced to a concept of sleeper cells where the complete strategic planning of terrorist groups for carrying out a series of terrorist attacks has been depicted. The concept of sleeper cells is simple – entice to the terrorist’s cause and give orders to different civilians to carry out different parts of one devious plan. Such an intricate Eco-system has been witnessed in India time and again in the recent Jahangirpuri violence, Hijab Controversy, Delhi Riots, etc. Hindus and Muslims have been at the necks of each other since 1947, but peace has been established between the two biggest religious groups of this country since a long time. However, there are certain miscreants who still want to slash open the heart of India.

For getting a bigger perspective on this, it is necessary to refer to the catalyst of this toxic Eco-system – the CAA-NRC issue. The protests against NRC and CAA started on December 15th, 2020 with a group of women in the form of an indefinite sitting at Shaheen Bagh, North East Delhi. A small peaceful protest turned into an agitation making infants and children scapegoats which led to numerous deaths of the young ones. However, it didn’t just stop with the casualties of a few children and turned into one of the most brutal and violent protests in the history of India. On 24th February, 2020, Maujpur went into the state of violence and fights erupted on a large-scale.

Buildings and markets were set on fire, vehicles were stopped and set ablaze, even journalists were not allowed to record anything as their cameras were snatched away. In the midst of this violence, a person named Mohammed Shahrukh suddenly stepped into the limelight and fired 8 pistol shots at the mob and inciting the mob to extreme violence. Consequently, curfew was imposed in various regions of the North East Delhi but the violence was still uncontainable which led to the deaths of more than 50 people. However, in the midst of all this commotion, the real objective of the perpetrators was being secretly carried out and numerous conspiracies were hatched beforehand.

At the end of the riots, Ankit Sharma, a 26 year old Intelligence Bureau staffer, was found dead in a drain in Chand Bagh area on 26th February, 2020. He was found with 12 stab wounds and 33 blunt injuries, which clearly depicted a targeted murder and not a random killing resulting from a riot. After that his body was dumped in the drain just 200 meters away from his house.

Upon a careful look over the Delhi Riots, an intricate and complex web of deception and media manipulation surfaces where the real masterminds behind the igniting of Delhi Riots employed thousands of steps which all complimented each other while destroying the heart of Delhi. The system where the shots’ firing by Mohd. Shahrukh were passed off by the media as nothing while certain chants by Kapil Mishra were highlighted as incitements of terrorism and Delhi riots where the death of an IB officer was considered to be collateral damage and wounds of Muslims were gas-lighted as Genocide committed by Hindus, is nothing short of a fool-proof machine in which all the cogs are working independently and running the machine in the most efficient manner to funnel all hatred towards the peaceful society of Hindus.

These cogs belong to different religions and span across numerous professions including Advocates who draft petitions overnight, writers who write subjective and baseless articles under an hour, student groups who design and print thousands of banners and slogans in a matter of hours, teachers who advocate and propagate the cause while guiding the students to the most treacherous and seditious path of their life, unlimited financial funding of all such campaigns, fees of advocates and the list goes on endlessly. From the looks of it, it has become crystal clear that such media machines are nothing but collective dictators who are using the concept of sleeper cells to sway the opinion of the public in their favour as the veracity of truth has been brushed off as nonsense in the modern world.

As history has a tendency to repeat itself and eco-system just doesn’t disappear overnight, 2022’s Hanuman Jayanti witnessed something which was quite common in the times of Muslim rule over India – attacks against peaceful Hindu processions by a mob of Muslims. On 16th April, 2022, as the Hanuman Jayanti was celebrated by a group of people by way of a peaceful procession (Hanuman Jayanti Jaloos) in Jahangirpuri, a violent criminal group led by Mohammad Ansar, a noted criminal and having his hands in various illegal activities, attacked the Hindu procession with stone pelting, arson and firing which led to 8 police personnel and 1 local resident sustain serious injuries.

Having more than adequate preparations to disrupt and beat the Hindus carrying out their peaceful religious processions, Mohammad Ansar and his gang members including children, immediately surrounded the persons attending the hanuman jayanti procession and thrashed with stones. Hindus have always been thrashed and undermined and Jahangirpuri violence is a stern reminder of that dictatorial domination which the Islamists still want to impose upon the world. Since in the era of democracy it is difficult to assert such dictatorial power, Islamists have created an almost fool-proof Eco-system already highlighted above, to attract the sympathy of all school of thoughts around the globe.

Simultaneously, the North DMC was carrying out demolitions of illegal constructions in Jahangirpuri, however, as the area where such illegal construction was demolished was of Muslim majority population, a team of Islamists and Leftists Eco-system, on the very same day petitioned to the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Moreover, the arguments before the Hon’ble Supreme Court, justifying illegal construction as the same is done by “poor people” in Jahangirpuri is a lethal example of death of the democracy. In such a complicated Eco-system, every cog has its place, be it the lawyer who petitions and pleads against Hindus before every court or the public activist who spreads hatred against Hindus and victimize Muslims or the journalists who compares Hindus with Nazis.

Another instance of such self-running machine is the Hijab case. As everyone in the whole wide world is sternly aware of the fact that Hijab practise is compulsory in Islam, many including Islamists themselves have condemned such acts and abandoned such practise permanently. However there are still some societies and families which are plagued by such objectionable practise in the modern world. Recently in Udupi, Karnataka, six teenage students had alleged that they were barred from attending classes at a Government school because of wearing a hijab at school.

Since all students were required to be in their uniforms and not their personal outfits, the communal tensions at the school rose further when the girls sought the involvement of Campus Front of India (CFI) which is a student wing of the radical Islamic group, Popular Front of India. Since the notion of tolerance always ends up in favour of the Islamists, such a trivial issue was painted with religious bias against the Islamists and a direct attack upon them, which rose as an international issue, making India again an easy target for the left-wing.

The right’s approach to such issue also started gaining popularity which proved out to be a thorn in the eyes of the Islamists which resulted in another gruesome murder of a Hindu boy Harsha on 20th February, 2022. History always tends to repeat itself as happened in this case where Islamists’ extremism always ends up taking the Hindu blood.It has also come to light that a Fatwa was also issued against him in 2015 by a Facebook group named ‘Mangalore Muslims.’ Little did he know that he would become the prime target of Muslim outfits in a secular country like India.

It is peculiar to note that rarely a news article on Hijab case would mention the murder of Harsha, while others only aim at gaining the public sentiment for Muslims while showing them as the oppressed. The Islamists and other Leftists have already established a world-class system of spreading communal terror and play the Muslim – minority – oppressed at the hands of Hindus’ card. Instant trends on twitter, facebook, instagram, news channels is nothing short of a well spun cloth ready for display.

From the above, it is quite apparent that the roots of this state-of-the-art Eco-system established by the Islamists and Leftists have already embedded themselves in the soil of our country where any such incident is depicted as an attack against the Muslims and minorities by the Hindus, while tons of articles, petitions and applications are moved across the media and courts within a matter of hours of such incident to control the media and eye-wash the court and the public at the very first instance and create false narrative in the eyes of world as well.

Written by:-

Rachit Devgun

(Rachit Devgun is a lawyer by profession and practicing law in Supreme Court and various High Courts, since 2006.  He is also a social commentator and a columnist.)    

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