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Bengaluru Riots: The Silence Of The Lambs

They said Ram did not exist. They also claimed Ram Mandir did not exist at Ayodhya. They also threatened to raze down the mandir if their time came. They said they would eliminate one billion Hindus in 15 minutes.

Some others, the standup comedians, constantly deride and abuse India, Hindutva and Hindus.

riots in bangalore - Latest News on riots in bangalore | Read ...

And yet, the Hindus do not have the guts to stand up against these radical elements. Half of them are divided over political ideologies and others over fake theories of Aryan invasion of India and what not.

Look at the people like Kunal Kamra, Surleen Kaur and Agrima Joshua, who make huge money by abusing Hindu Gods and Hindus. They are all silent today.

The silence of so-called secular Hindus over Bengaluru riots is baffling. When Swastika was politicised and Ma Durga was called a prostitute, they did not raise voice, while the media labelled Hindus intolerant.

Bengaluru burnt. As many as 60 policemen were injured and two police stations ransacked, and a Dalit Congress MLA’s house was ransacked and torched. And, not a single word from the liberals. What happened to their “Save Constitution” slogans?

2020 Bangalore riots - Wikipedia

Shouldn’t they be ashamed of being an Indian and calling themselves as secularists today? Can’t they see the fascism out on the streets today? Don’t they want to return the awards given by Con-Grace?

The person, who posted a message allegedly hurting the sentiments of Muslims on Facebook, is the nephew of Akhand Srinivasa Murthy, who is a Congress MLA, belonging to a Dalit community. Where is the Congress that takes political mileage by playing Dalit card? Where is this “Jai Bheem Jai Mim” brigade?

The comment made by Naveen that offended Muslims was in reply to a derogatory post shared about Lord Krishna by a Muslim. Why no media is talking about it? They said the “Allah Hu Akbar” slogan raising violent mobs don’t have religion, but those who do have are the ones who enacted a drama of protecting a Hindu temple. Wow, three cheers to Indian journalism.

People are living in a society where violence is engineered in a systematic way. Whenever protests happen, a large number of people belonging to a “peaceful” community gather with petrol bombs, stones and lathis, as though they have been bought over by “green money”. The daughters and fathers are dragged onto the streets and murdered.

Riots in Bangalore over Muhammad's Facebook post, two dead- The ...

It makes us wonder how can a very large group of people, carrying petrol bombs and lathis, gather so quickly with stones and lathis in their hands? This is not a spontaneous reaction, but a well-thought out plan.

A child was heard shouting “Allah Hu Akbar” amongst the violent mob. Where are those liberals who claim “Jai Shri Ram” is a communal slogan?

And hold on. How could they have missed an opportunity in doing a PR stunt after damaging 300 plus vehicles and ransacking police stations while raising religious slogans? They formed a human chain around a Hindu temple to “protect” it from themselves. This is quite a drama.

In the videos that went viral, a man can be heard shouting “upload kar jaldi,” which was used as a coverup and released to so-called secular media houses.

It is a shame that the violence takes place right under the nose of law-enforcing agencies. It is a shame that the media houses have sold their souls to the evils and shut their eyes to the real misery, because they want to appease the regular miscreants. It is a shame that the Hindus sleep over this now and then. They have been sleeping, not speaking about the persecution carried out by Islamic rulers on them for thousands of years.

Rise, O Hindus, You Can At Least Raise The Voice Against The Evil. Period.

Bangalore riots: India′s tech city sees deadly violence over anti ...
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    Hindus are tolerating these people who are destroying public property and killing /intend to kill oolice and others .Yedurappa should do a yogi act and make these rioters cough up full money
    for damages and proper enquiry must be done and culprits arrested and charged with violence .

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