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Coronil: Want Chimpanzee Virus Or Ayurvedic Herbs? Choice Is Yours

Like a bad dream Baba Ramdev’s Coronil has returned once again to haunt libtards and the anti-India brigade.

You will remember when Coronil was launched as a cure for Covid-19 last June, the “Saboot Gang” returned with a bang, doubting the efficacy of the Coronil kit.

They raised several questions on this Patanjali-made kit that even forced the Ayush Ministry to issue an order to Patanjali to stop the advertisement of the product as a Covid-19 cure and sought scientific research material in this regard.

Now, look at the fun.

What Covaxin is? It is an inactivated (dead) virus-based COVID-19 vaccine, which is administered into the human body to improve the immune system to fight a live Coronavirus.

And what Covisheild is? It is a vaccine that carries a modified adenovirus from chimpanzees. Meaning – people are administered chimpanzee’s virus to improve their immune system.

On the other side, the ingredients of the Coronil tablet are Ayurvedic elements including Ashwagandha, Giloy, and Tulsi, which help in boosting internal immunity, without being administered animal viruses.

Despite this, Ayush Ministry sought scientific research material on Coronil’s efficacy. Patanjali accepted the challenge and submitted the papers in the presence of Union Ministers Dr. Harsh Vardhan and Nitin Gadkari, a few days ago.

Though the Ayush Ministry stopped the advertisement of Coronil as a Covid cure medicine, it did not stop its sale. Till now, Patanjali has sold 45 lakh plus Coronil kits worth Rs 450 crore since their launch.

And recently, Patanjali, with great aplomb, announced receiving Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate and Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product from the Ayush section of Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation as per the WHO certification scheme.

Under the Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product norms, Coronil can now be exported to 158 countries.

One can imagine the business Patanjali will get having the license to sell these kits worldwide. Already, these products have made their way to the shelves in London and other cities around the globe.

Also, it is not only about Coronil and Patanjali but also about the Indian economy.

Ayurveda has a Rs 30,000 crore economy in India. As per official data, it used to see a growth of 15-20 percent every year pre-coronavirus.

Post-Covid, this growth rate has risen to 50-90 percent. There also is a marked improvement in exports and FDI. These are the claims made by Dr. Harsh Vardhan.

Congress sycophants who were opposing Coronil in June are now sitting ducks. Last June, when they opposed Coronil kits, the sales increased to Rs 450 crore. It may climb further if they continued to oppose the products.

Just like any other Congress leader, Shama Mohammed, made a statement, criticizing Dr Harsh Vardhan for being present at the release of research papers by Baba Ramdev.

She had tweeted: ” … It’s shameful that Union Ministers are putting the lives of lakhs of Indians at risk by promoting a concoction which is proved to be fake! This is crony capitalism!”

No, it is not her fault. Because: “उनका तो मज़हब ही है सीखता भगवा से बैर रखना” (Her religion itself teaches hatred towards saffron).

Nevertheless, we all can only pray that the libtards continue to popularise the chimpanzee-virus-free Coronil kit in their inimitable anti-saffron style.

Jai Hind.

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