‘Modi Jaisa Koi Nahi’ says Himadrish Suwan in China.

Event on India-China Friendship
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Chairman of the Confederation of Young Leaders (CYL) and noted Youth Activist Himadrish Suwan visited the People’s Republic of China & promoted “India-China Friendship” during one week in Shanghai. Suwan visited China to represent India at the prestigious 2018 World Young Leaders Roundtable Conference from 3rd November to 10th November at the Hotel Intercontinental, Shanghai. Himadrish while speaking at the 2018 World Young Leaders Roundtable Conference stated “Modi Jaisa Koi Nahin” to a thunderous applause & cheers.

Notable Parliamentarians and Young Leaders from across globe participated on the occasion at the Hotel Intercontinental, Shanghai. Suwan’s week-long public programs in China started with hour-long courtesy call meeting & interaction in Shanghai. Present on this occasion were prominent leaders from across globe.

All China Youth Federation hosted an exclusive banquet for visiting leaders in Shanghai. Himadrish later left for Wuzhen to attend the 5th World Internet Conference as a representative from India. Prominent Radio and electronic media recorded Mr. Himadrish’s on “Indo-China” friendship.

“The idea of a globalized world is shrinking; the idea of the whole is one family is shrinking. : To my mind, this is most dangerous for the world citizenry. In terms of physical world also, ages ago, we echoed the same thing by saying “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam”. Though there were hardly any means of reaching from one part of the world to another; still the feeling of oneness existed. This is because the spirit of co-existence was strong enough to overcome any distance.” said Suwan in Shanghai.

URL: ‘Modi Jaisa Koi Nahi’ says Himadrish Suwan in China.

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