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PoK: Why Left-Liberal Cabal Is Silent Over Pakistan’s Atrocities?

At a function in Karnataka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has exposed the left-liberal cabal and Lutyens media for their silence over Pakistan’s atrocities against its minority communities.

He said: “Pakistan was formed on the basis of religion, religious minorities were being persecuted there. The persecuted were forced to come to India as refugees. But Congress and its allies don’t speak against Pakistan, instead, they are taking out rallies against these refugees …. What is the reason why this eco-system is not raising voice against Pakistan? What is the reason their mouths have been shut?”

Reasons For Left-Liberal Silence

Their silence over Pakistan’s atrocities is linked to India’s military action in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir. The cabal, comprising People’s Front of India and other pro-Pakistani groups including the left-liberal intelligentsia, wants to add fuel to the fire to create Hindu-Muslim unrest over Citizenship Amendment Act to divert India’s attention from carrying out military action in PoK.

The Uttar Pradesh police are looking into the possible angle of ISI funding to instigate violence during anti-CAA protests in the state. They also suspect the role of Popular Front of India, All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen workers and  Students’ Islamic Movement of India, behind the violence.

The role of Lutyens media also cannot be counted out, considering their hate-Modi campaign and their past records. The FBI, in 2011, had discovered a racket run by a Pakistani spy Ghulam Nabi Fai to influence American opinion on Kashmir by funneling USD 4 million from ISI. The FBI had recorded 4,000 emails and phone calls from his Pakistani handlers.

Among his guest list were Gautam Navlakha (editor of the communist rag Economic and Political Weekly); Dileep Padgaonkar (former editor of the Times of India); Harish Khare (the media adviser to the previous prime minister); Ved Bhasin (editor, Kashmir Times); Harinder Baweja (former India Today journalist) and Praful Bidwai (experienced columnist with communist leanings).

There are also reports that the Indian investigating agencies are probing into anti-CAA funding made by China and other Muslim nations including Turkey.

What Is Prompting ISI, China To Fund Anti-India Cabal

The answer can be found in Raja Farooq Haider Khan’s statement that he could be the final Prime Minister of PoK, justifying rumors of Islamabad’s plans to annex its side of Kashmir and declare it as part of mainland Pakistan.

PoK’s Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) President Tauqeer Gillani said China’s huge investments in Pakistan and the disputed territory of Kashmir may be the reason for Islamabad’s plans to annex its side of Kashmir, as it cannot give assurance on disputed territory.

“The Chinese are business-oriented people. They want to invest money in our region, but they also want to secure it because ours is a disputed territory and taking the business initiative in such a territory is highly risky. Therefore Beijing is perhaps pushing Islamabad to decide the legal status of our region and annexation is one of the easiest ways to do so,” reported India Today.

Can India Be Mute Spectator?

In this scenario, India cannot be a mute spectator because the disputed Jammu and Kashmir, PoK and Aksai Chin are integral parts of the country, which is enshrined in the Indian Constitution based on the Instrument of Accession signed 26 October 1947.

The change in India’s policy is due to the abrogation of Article 370 which ended the issue of Jammu and Kashmir borders after due recognition by the international community. This will force Pakistan to discuss cross-border terrorism and economic cooperation with India, during bilateral talks.

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