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What Transpired Between You And Nirav At A Cocktail Party, Rahul?

Congress party! It seems has lost its brains.

First it gives loan to Nirav Modi and then kicks up a campaign against Narendra Modi ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha election and now defends him in a UK court. And yet, not an iota of shame is left in it.

Deposing as a witness before a London court via video conference, retired Bombay High Court judge and Congress leader Abhay Thipsay has defended Nirav and claimed that the charges levelled by CBI against him will not hold in India.

Before giving an opinion on the issue, it is very necessary to know who Thipsay is? He served as a justice in Allahabad and Bombay High Courts and retired in 2017.

Thipsay had heard Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter and Best Bakery massacre cases related to the 2002 Gujarat riots. He had convicted 9 out of 17 accused in the Best Bakery case. Home Minister Amit Shah was one of the accused in the case, before he was discharged in late 2014. Thipsay had told media he had received threats during the time he heard the Best Bakery case.

He also had blamed Hindus for carrying out 2008 Malegaon blasts and a known Maoists and terror accused supporter.

Thipsay had faced criticism for granting bail to actor Salman Khan in a hit-and-run case after a lower court convicted him in 2015.

Thipsay had joined Congress in June 2018 in the presence of Rahul, who was then president of the party.

Coming back to the issue, BJP Spokesperson and MP Sambit Patra raised questions against Rahul’s and Congress party’s double standards.

He tweeted: “Here in India, Rahul Gandhi takes Nirav Modi, asks the government questions .. On the other hand, Rahul’s favourite and Congress’ Abhay Tipsay (former judge) defends Nirav Modi in UK court. Why is it that Rahul does not want Nirav to come to India? What was the deal between Rahul and Nirav in the party that night?”

The meeting, which Patra is refering to, is between Nirav and Rahul at a plush Delhi hotel in September 2013, which was revealed by activist Shehzad Poonawalla in a tweet.

Poonawalla had alleged that the meeting took place, when loans were given to fugitives Mehul Choksi and his nephew Nirav, a fact which the SPG could have recorded.

“Open challenge to Rahul Gandhi to deny he met Nirav Modi in Sep 2013 cocktail party – 11th Sep if my memory serves me right! Imperial Hotel- Rahul spent a long time! Same period when loans were given to Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi!! SPG may have records or let’s undergo lie detector test?,” he had tweeted.

The BJP had alleged that the Allahabad Bank, the very next of the meeting, had approved loan to Nirav, despite opposition from bank’s director.

Poonawalla also had sweared on Quran and was ready for a lie detector test to prove himself right. “… I can swear on Quran and undertake lie detector @RahulGandhi attended Nirav Modi cocktail party and bridal wear programme at Imperial Hotel Delhi in Sep 2013 while loans were wrongly given to mama-bhanja,” he claimed.

So, is the existence of such overpowering suspicious circumstances forcing Congress to save and bail out Nirav? People are already raising such questions and suspecting that the retired judge is working at the behest of Sonia Gandhi to influence the judicial process in UK.

Though Nirav had fled India during the NDA rule, most of his alleged crimes pertained to the period of the Congress-led UPA rule. However, the government has confiscated his assets, autioned them and has been working to bring him to justice in India.

An extradition request from the Indian government was certified by the UK Home Office in February last year before his arrest by Scotland Yard on March 19, 2019.

The jeweller is imprisoned at Wandsworth Prison in south-west London since then, failing to get bail despite repeated attempts.

Nirav’s case relates to a number of PNB staff members conspiring with him to ensure issuing of Letters of Understanding (LoUs) to companies linked to him, without subjecting them to the required credit checks and other conditions. This resulted in a fraud amounting to nearly USD 2 billion.

As usual, not a single coverage on any news channel regarding the Congress links with Nirav, which clearly indicates how biased and tainted our system is for real.

If it was any BJP leader involved, the media would had surely cried the whole day with outrageous debates and prime times.

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    The debate in the news channels starts only after an article is published on India Speaks Daily….thank you for all the information in advance.

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