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Hathras: “The Bloody Gang” Planned To Seize Body And Incite Violence

Fears of Yogi Adityanath’s growing popularity, the Congress and the left brigade have begun to spout filth from their anarchic minds in the Hathras case.

Since these elements were unable to digest the success of Yogi government to break criminals and take Uttar Pradesh on the path of development, they cooked up a fake story by adding spices like, Dalit girl, upper cast boys, incapable chief minister and UP police, to divide Hindu community into Dalits and Upper Caste.

India Today journalist

The girl (video here) was alleged to have been gangraped and her tongue chopped off, but in reality none of this happened.

According to sources, soon after the girl was admitted to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, former JNU President Sandeep Singh, who is close to Priyanka Gandhi, called up a left-leaning woman reporter to add spice to the narrative.

This journalist belonging to India Today has a bad history. She is known to have provoked JNU students to raise slogans against the Narendra Modi led central government in the past.

She was caught red-handed, in a video, for coaching one of the JNU students and having a prolonged hush-hush discussion with the student. During the interview, she provides ample opportunity to the student to peddle his agenda.

This dubious journalist was at it again in Hathras case also. Throughout the night, she kept eyes on the movement of Uttar Pradesh police and updated Sandeep Singh and Priyanka Gandhi about it, so that the Congress and “The Gang” could play politics over the body of Hathras girl.

She also allegedly provided updates to JNU students, urban naxals, Bhim Army activists, Left-leaning NGOs and Congress leaders through out the night to help them organize violence in UP next morning.

She also allegedly sent videos on Whatsapp to all these elements and Lutyens media to launch a propaganda and create a whirlwind of lies on social media.

Sensing huge trouble ahead, the Uttar Pradesh police cremated the girl’s body after convincing the girl’s family in the night. They also had prior information about Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi’s plans to visit Hathras to prevent cremation and incite violence.

The Hathras issue is a perfect case of old rivalry which was also confirmed by the parents and girl herself.

Among the several videos that went viral on social media, the girl and the mother, in their statements to police and local media, did not mention gangrape, but brutal assault. Both named Sandeep.

The victim, however, gave a contrasting statement only when she was admitted to Aligarh hospital. She did not tell on her own, but responded with a “yes” to a question posed by an apparently desperate videographer.


There were hence stark contrasts in the statements of the girl.

Interestingly, the Aligarh hospital has ruled out gangrape, but mentioned the injuries the girl sustained were on her neck and back, contrary to the fake news perpetrated by Ringmistress Barkha Dutt.

She mentioned, in a tweet, that the girl’s tongue was chopped off. If so, how could she speak to the police, which was seen in the video that went viral.

This much for a Bhushan Awardee? What a shame? What a fall for this so-called journalist. It’s disgraceful.

If the culprits are behind bars and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister has assured action against the culprits by moving the fast track court, why is it then that the whirlwind of lies like chopping of tongue and gangrape, were spread?

Surely, for Bihar elections. Can anyone forget the Kathua case of this “Bloody Gang” prior to Karnataka assembly elections? There seems to be a pattern, each election time.

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