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Impact of Biden as the President of the US on India and how the game is being played to weaken Modi ji. The crux of my long discussion with someone

Trump was ousted by the CIA through the rigged elections because he was bringing in too much of world peace. He waged ZERO wars, improved the relationship between Islamic countries and Israel. He offered a truce to North Korea. But American system didn’t like it

As the American system runs on the basis of War Industry which Eisenhower categorically mentioned the existence of a “military-industrial complex” that dominates the decision making in Washington, irrespective of whoever becomes the President, in his farewell speech

Hence Trump was ousted. Since even after leaving the office as a former President he is too powerful a person because of the knowledge and information he has now, they will ensure that he is harassed to the point that he either goes mad or dies under mysterious circumstances

Under Biden, the old regime is back. During Trump’s time, the individual had become more powerful than the institution but with Biden in power, the hegemony of the institutions over the individual is back.

Now you can expect the worsening of the situation in our region. Pakistan already tested shaheen missile. This was purposely done on 20th Jan to seek Biden’s attention.

The news of China-made villages in Arunachal also coincides with that day

Modi ji openly endorsing Trump during his visit will now have its own repercussions as Biden being an utterly shrewd politician with his own grudges against India.

Under these situations, the Government is facing challenges on the internal security front in form of farmer’s protest which aims to disrupt the RD parade and thereby undermine Sovereignty of the state. Guess that’s why the proposal to hold the law was given.

The Dark forces are aligning against India to unleash civil unrest in form of communal riots simultaneously in major cities across the country to prove

Modi ji as the weakest PM India has ever head. Their aim is “LAAL KILE PAR LAAL NISHAN”.

It all started with Shaheen Bagh proven further during farmer protest about how to mobilize thousands of people on one call over WhatsApp and other social media platforms to create chaos & show the govt in bad light. This time it was peaceful but it wont be like that next time

One can’t imagine the stress Modi ji must be under after all this. Tt shows by India condemning the violence in Washington DC at the Capitol Hill has signaled that it is willing to lower its position in negotiations. We are just buying the bloody time

How Modi ji will be proven as the weakest PM. Well, supporters like me and you will be responsible who criticize fiercely him at the drop of the hat. This is the first step to him prove him as a weak leader. I am certainly a guilty party here.

This is the time he needs our unconditional support because we dont know and can’t understand the pressure on him. It’s not easy to rule such a big country. I struggle to manage my own business but I am free to lecture him on how to run the country.
Do you think people like Prannoy Roy cheering for Biden without any reason. Connects the dot and you will arrive at a very scary conclusion

This is just a request. Criticize him but it should be constructive criticism. Because if we lose him, even God won’t be able to help us and will be able to prevent the downfall of our wonderful country.

We must stand united and forget our difference and learn of the left about how united they are always to support their ideology aur hum yaha par doctor, engineer, lawyer jokes par ladte rahte hain. Ecosystem aise nahi banega

Jai Hind
Dr Gaurav Pradhan

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