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Kashmiri Pandits Seek Special Session To Discuss Abdullah’s Remarks

Kashmir Hindu Cultural Welfare Trust has strongly condemned Farooq Abdullah’s threat to approach China on the abrogation of Article 370.

KHCWT Chairman RK Mattoo said Abdullah’s threat is a calculated design to disturb the peace and instigate violence against Kashmiri Hindus, especially when serious threat by China in Ladakh lurks at the Line of Actual Control.

“Therefore, the timing, as well as the sinister plan of working for hand in glove with our enemy Pakistan in tandem to seek support, is definitely serious and real,” he said.

Abdullah’s statement is unacceptable and nothing, but seditious, because he had held very high constitutional posts as Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister, Union Minister and currently, is a serving Member of Parliament, Mattoo said.

“There were lot of options open to us including approaching the UN Human Rights body and several other forums to solve our problems. However, we didn’t take any such steps purely because we are all patriots and have full faith in democracy. Unfortunately, this stand has been viewed as our weakness,” he said.

The Kashmiri Pandits are victims of Abdullah’s planned conspiracy in 1989 when the community was uprooted from their native land and forced to leave their homes, property to save their lives and belongings, Mattoo said.

GCA Conference on Twitter: "Mr.RK Mattoo on:How credible is news & does it  threaten the future of democracy?@ #GCAMysuru"

“They have no remorse. During Omar Abdullah’s rule, they further perpetuated the crime of persecuting the pandits to deny their heritage to the next of kin in Kashmir. Therefore, they always worked with a plan and ulterior motive, which is becoming evident now. They have been misusing the freedom granted under the constitution to destroy our own country,” he said.

This has led to the largescale killing of Indian soldiers, Mattoo said, adding that the terrorists infiltrate with tacit support from such people.

“We are also equally concerned about this inhuman sacrilege of innocent lives in the name of a religion who are misled and misinformed. Their bodies are also not claimed and they are buried here. This goes to show how cruel and bloodthirsty they could get,” he added.

Mattoo also complained about the trampling of Sharda Temple situated in PoK and spoke about Sharda Language.

Sharada | Sharada Peeth, located near Sharda in Azad Kashmir… | Flickr
Trampled Sharda Temple in PoK

“Our Pandit community has concertedly tried to restore its pristine glory and also approached the courts there and got a favorable order to ensure that its sanctity is maintained,” he stated.

Mattoo urged Lok Sabha Speaker to immediately initiate suo moto action against Farooq Abdullah for violating the oath and must be asked to explain his statement

If necessary, a special session should be called to discuss this issue in Parliament, especially when his remarks threaten internal security and promote enemies at stationed at borders.

There are reportedly more than 72,000 troops across Ladakh and several rounds of consultations and deliberations at various levels have failed to yield any result.

If found guilty, all perks and pension of Abdullah and his family should be withdrawn, which would send a strong message to others like him, he said.

Mattoo also urged the Election Commission to withdraw National Conference’s recognition as a political party, invoking necessary sections of the Representative of the People’s Act after due process.

The Union Government must take immediate steps to instruct Pakistan to protect, maintain and respect the sanctity of Sharda Temple according to a PoK court order, Mattoo said.

I colourised sharda peeth, shot by Samuel Bourne [c. 1862 - c. 1874] :  IndiaSpeaks
Sharda Temple in PoK

“No vandalism or desecration or any damage happens until the territory which belongs to us is handed over,” he said.

Mattoo also appealed to Home Minister Amit Shah to hand over the case to NIA as Abdullah nurtures hatred and malice to the Hindus and Kashmir Pandits specifically.

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