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Soon Pakistan Will Break Into Four: Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Bengaluru, Jan 13: Addressing the issue of the Citizenship Amendment Act, senior BJP leader Dr. Subramanian Swamy has said very soon Pakistan will break into four – Baluchistan, Pashtunistan, Sindh, and Pakistan.

“Even as early as 1947, November 26th, Congress Working Committee had resolved to give citizenship to those (persecuted minorities) who come from Pakistan. Then it was one Pakistan. Now it is two Pakistan – I mean Bangladesh and Pakistan. Very soon it will break into four pieces – Baluchistan, Pakhtunistan, Sindh, and Pakistan,” he said after his felicitation by Virat Hindustan Sangam here yesterday.

Referring to PoK, Dr. Swamy said the government has to abide by the Parliament resolution of taking back PoK areas.

“We members of Parliament hereby pledge that we shall not rest till every inch of Indian territory in Pakistan occupation is taken back and we are ready to pay any price for that to achieve that. That is a Parliament resolution and we have to abide by it. Why should we allow it? After all, Kashmir became part of India just like so many princely states became part of India,” he said.

Dr. Swamy said PoK is not disputed but was made one after Nehru to the matter before the UN.

Dr. Swamy said by enacting CAA, BJP has only done its duty to give citizenship to the persecuted minorities of three Islamic countries bordering India, which was undone by Congress, despite its working committee passing a resolution in 1947. He also said at the time of Partition, Pakistan had 21 percent non-Muslim minorities, but today it has reduced to a mere one-and-a-half percent.

“Today we have passed CAB, so we have done the duty to the Indian people to give them citizenship which was promised under Nehru-Liaquat pact. We were persecuted. We were 21 percent in Pakistan and now we are just one and a half percent in Pakistan. In our country, the Muslim population has gone up,” he said.

The pact was signed between Pakistan Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in Delhi in 1950. It was signed following largescale migration of Hindus from East Pakistan and Muslims from West Bengal.

Dr. Swamy said the CWC had resolved to give citizenship to the persecuted minorities coming from Pakistan and Afghanistan but did not implement it, because it wanted to appease minorities.

He also flayed former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for doublespeak. Dr. Swamy said Singh, in 2003, had pressed for giving citizenship to persecuted minorities coming from neighboring Islamic countries in Rajya Sabha, but in 2019, under the influence of Sonia Gandhi he changed his stance.

“Manmohan Singh spoke in Rajya Sabha and appealed to Advani – please give citizenship to these people. Now he gave a speech in the Parliament, it was just a somersault. In 2003, he was under the influence of Sonia Gandhi, but in 2019, he was definitely (under her influence). And therefore, he changed his tune,” he said.

Dr Swamy also said all that appearing in foreign media against CAA is an attempt to slander BJP, which stands for Hindutva, but would fight out such criticisms using platforms like Virat Hindustan Sangam.

He said oneness should come from people’s mind, but unfortunately the left-liberal cabal are using the old imperialist plot to divide the country. This country is continuing civilization of the Hindus, but welcomed those like Parsis who came peacefully.

“The Parsis came. We gave them a place in Gujrat. When the British left, they asked the Parsis that you are such a small community that this big Hindu community will swallow you.. So we want to give you some reservations in the new Constitution that India will be making. So, the Parsi community told the British. No, no you don’t have to worry, the Hindus have looked after us for 1000 of years. You go we don’t need you, the Hindus will look after us,” he said.

“The jews were persecuted all over the world, but they came to India, we gave them place. They built their synagogues. When Israel was created, the jews went back and then the Israeli Parliament passed a resolution – Thank you India, the only country where the Jews were not persecuted,” Dr. Swamy said.

Dr. Swamy said India has welcomed people who sought protection, but if any community starts threatening and demands separate existence, India would not concede. People are very keen to build a united India, he added.

He said Rohingyas should not be given protection in India, because in 1944, they declared Mohammad Ali Jinnah as their leader though were living in Burma, but Pakistan was not ready to accept it.

“Now the world is saying – no, no don’t be intolerant, let Rohingyas come to India. If Rohingyas are in India, we will send them away very soon. Why should India be a Dharamshala that anybody can come with his ‘chatai’ and put it there and sleep in this country. This country is for those who were born here. Who has lived here? Who has imbibed the Indian culture? We want united India. That will only come through the mind. The mind must know what we are,” he said.

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