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Twitter Scrambling For Money Post-Donald Trump Exit?

Twitter is considering adding subscription fees as the company looks to diversify its income streams, a company official said.

This has created doubt in the minds of the conservatives making them wonder the real reasons for Twitter to go for the revenue model, especially when the conservatives are leaving the platform after it permanently suspended President Donald Trump.

Many conservative users have reacted to this development on mainstream media, giving out their own reasons for Twitter’s plan.

“Diversify revenue” and “revenue durability” are other ways to say “we need money” and “we are going to go extinct if we don’t get some money,” Subtle Blossom said.

“In other words, Twitter is hurting financially after scads of conservatives vacated their platform. Now they have to rescue themselves, save face, and above all, make money for their investors,” Lynn said. 

“Regardless, I am never going back. Leftists claim Twitter has the “right” to censor, as it’s a private company. Fine. I have the right to delete Twitter from my life. So I did, and I am much happier for it,” he added. 

Carolyn Schuster said it shows the mad scramble by Twitter to survive and the utter dullness of ingenuity by its leadership.

Mark Vise said Twitter should lose money for blocking users and silencing opinions and calling 75 million people extremists. “I wouldn’t pay one cent for Twitter’s service, it isn’t worth any more of my time. This means the company is losing money,” he added.

Don MacDonald said Twitter would eventually die. “I truly hope they demand a subscription, it will then be their death knell.,” he said.

“Though they don’t admit it, they are losing customers every day. The trend of increasing members first slowed down, then flattened, and is now on a downward trend. The sooner they die, the better,” MacDonald added.

“They are considering fees because they lost money after Trump left. Why pay for someone to tell you what you can and can’t say? A lot of people get that deal from their parents for free,” Tashann Smith said.

John Crawford said, “Twitter can be shut down. If everyone would simply stop using Twitter, it would dry up and blow away. They only have the power you give them by using it.”

Delia Scales said Twitter, believably so, has run at a loss ever since its inception, indicating it is never been a real company. 

“Also, the majority of its users are actually trolls. Funding sources? China? How many other social and media platforms run at a continuous loss and are funded by China? I think we have all been conned. The far Left is actually a tiny minority. And their ‘microphone’ is China-owned platforms,” she said.

“Never forget this truth: When you choose a political alliance as a company, you will lose 50% of your support base. They chose one side, now they lose accounts and revenue. Fools from the top down,” D P Reader said.


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