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Did PM’s “Taali Thaali” Call Had Any Significance? Listen To This Global Child Prodigy

If Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clarion call of “Taali and Thaali” during Janta Curfew has any significance in fighting Coronavirus, then one must listen to Vibhagya, a popular Youtuber and among Top 100 Global Child Prodigies.

He says coronavirus is nothing, but negative sound levels, which can be destroyed by chanting of mantras, which are positive sound levels.

“The mantras are extremely powerful that work on sound level that controls the sound of the body and operates on a frequency, which can destroy micro-organisms,” he says in a video, which has gone viral.

Millions of Indians had chanted mantras, blew conchs, clapped and clanged thaalis, in response to a call given by the Prime Minister.

Abhigya says, coronavirus is nothing but a result of bad Karmas (deeds).

“Reaction is the most important aspect in Karma theory – that is, the more one harms the nature or creatures, the more negative vibrations build up,” he says.

Abhigya also says it is the collective addition of Black Karmas, as Dalai Lama describes, of killing animals for food by China, has resulted in coronavirus.

“To set the situation right, the world should collectively take a pledge not to consume non-vegetarian food and stop causing the death of animals. This surely bring down the effect of coronavirus if taken in collective and large pledge by the world,” he says.

Abhigya also recommends people to stay away from social media and television channels, which are generating fear psychosis or negative vibrations among people.

“It is better to stay away from such social media, which is just bringing people to a level which they feel everything they touch is viral and infectious,” he says.

“One should understand one thing, unless and until, we have faith in God, everything is dangerous for us. If we have faith in God, everything is as soft as a rose petal and as harmless as the same. So, lets all have faith in God together and stay away from fear psychosis,” he adds.

People should lead a hygeinic life, Abhigya asks.

Abhigya asks people to get exposed to sunlight, because it is mentioned in Vedas that the sun rays are destroyers of every single microbes and builds immunity.

“It is very important to stay in a place where you get sunlight and not in a place where sunlight is absolutely barred from all directions,” he says.

“Staying in a situation of house arrest is not recommended. One should be in a place where you get complete sunshine,” he adds.

Abhigya recommends eating healthy food that has lot of Vitamin C in it and also large quantity of tulasi leaves and other medicinal herbs, which can heighten immune system and fight all kinds of viruses.

Abhigya recommends people to remain safe, from March 29 to April 1, especially those who are born under moon-sign Capricon.

“Chanting Om Shaneshwaraya Namah. Om Namah Shivaya and also the Narasimha Kavacham and always chanting Lord Rama and Krisna’s names. Especially Lord Rama’s name, who is the destroyer of all sorts of fears,” he adds.

Telangana, Orissa and West Bengal will be the next targets of the virus, Abhigya says.

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