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Ex-RAW Officer NK Sood Drags Sajid Nadiadwala’s Name In Sushant Case

Retired RAW officer NK Sood, for the first time, has dragged a big name in Bollywood in Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case.

In the name of fair investigation, Sood suggested Mumbai police to interrogate Bollywood Producer Sajid Nadiadwala also. Why is he suggesting this?

साजिद नाडियाडवाला ने किया खुलासा ...

On June 14, Nadiadwala wrote a letter to Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh to stop a set of photos of Sushant’s mortal remains from being circulated on social media. He also had demanded deletion of these photos from the internet.

“I am also the producer of the films involving Late Mr Sushant Singh Rajput … Few photographs with respect to the death of Mr Sushant Singh Rajput, which is currently being circulated on Social Media are quite disturbing and depressing and are required to be stopped from being circulated,” he said.

“I am making this request to your esteemed office to please issue necessary and urgent directions, if possible, to the concerned authorities including the concerned Police department for stopping the circulation of those disturbing photographs with respect to the death of Late Mr Sushant Singh Rajput,” he added.

R.I.P. Sushant Singh Rajput | Why Sushant Rajput Suicide #Sushant ...

The police, very obediently, accepted the request and stopped the circulation of the photos.

“Initial photos at the crime site plays a very important role. It gives vital leads for investigating authorities. In fact, some of the photos of Sushant that were circulated in the internet played a very vital role in people raising suspicion of faul play,” Sood said.

“Nadiadwala’s request for deletion of the photos from the internet has come under the cloud of suspicion. Why did he do so, instead of strengthening the investigation. This must be probed,” he added.

Who is Nadiadwala and what is his past record?

Sajid Nadiadwala married this woman, he met at his ex wife's death ...

Nadiadwala was married to actress Divya Bharti. She died under mysterious circumstances on April 5, 1993. Her death is unresolved – whether it was a suicide or a murder.

Many conspiracies were making rounds those days. One of the conspiracies suspected Nadiadwala of planning and plotting the murder of Divya.

Another conspiracy claimed that Nadiadwala had sour relationship with Divya because she knew her husband’s links with underworld dons including Dawood Ibrahim.

Ironically, Sood said, the Mumbai blast happened on 12 March 1993, while Divya died on April 5 in the same year.
Others suspect that Divya was too tired trying to hide her marriage, which created friction between her and her mother. A few others swear that Nadiadwala was upset with Divya for her association with producer Vicky and her hero Kamal Sadanah.

Sood also draws similarities between Divya and Disha Salian’s deaths. “Like Divya, Disha, who was ex-manager of Sushant, also died after falling from her building. The pattern of deaths are quite similar to each other,” he said.

Disha took the extreme step, because she had a troubled relationship with actor Sooraj Pancholi, who reportedly impregnated her, as some media reports claimed.

Sushant Singh Rajput death case: Sooraj Pancholi gets trolled ...

Who is Sooraj and what’s his background?

Sooraj is allegedly involved in late girlfriend Jiah Khan’s suicide seven years ago. She was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her bedroom of her family’s residence in Mumbai’s Juhu.

Following her death, Jiah’s mother Rabia Amin claimed that her daughter was murdered by Sooraj. on 31 January 2018, a Mumbai court charged Sooraj with abetting Jiah’s suicide. The case has not yet been settled.

Rabia, last month, had made sensational allegations that actor Salman Khan had hampered the investigation into Jiah’s death.

In a video released by SpotboyE, Rabia said Salman often misused his money power and other resources to prevent Sooraj from interrogation.

Salman’s Involvement In Sushant’s Murder?

Salman’s name also was dragged into Sushant’s case.

One of the close relatives of Sushant, Devej Narain, alleged that Salman and his family were involved in the actor’s death by suicide.

Narain also alleged that Congress MLA Baba Siddiqui, who is Salman’s close friend, is protecting the actor from Mumbai Police.

Did Salman try to talk Sooraj out of the relationship with Jiah ...

Micro-blogging site Twitter is on fire with the on-going debate about nepotism and unfair practices in the film industry by the so called mafias, after Sushant’s death.

The 34-year-old actor was found hanging at his Bandra residence.

Salman and his family, recently, was accused by Dabangg director Abhinav Singh Kashyap of ruining his career and threatening him with life.

The director, in this Facebook post, had alleged that the Khan family made sure he lost many good projects after his rift with Salman’s brother Arbaaz Khan after first Dabangg movie.

Many people alleged that Sushant was being discriminated against in Bollywood as he was an outsider and not a “star kid” like Salman or Karan Johar.

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