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Lockdown Extension Is Of No Use If Tablighis Are Not Taken To Task

Reports are pouring in that the nationwide lockdown might be extended till April 30 after a consensus has emerged among chief ministers on the issue.

Even as this news is making rounds, plenty of reports are pouring in about Tablighi Jamaat’s contribution in spreading the virus rapidly in the country. Out of the total cases of Chinese virus, a staggering 28 to 30 per cent, have been linked to the Markaz organised by Tablighi Jamaat.

Amidst this, allegations against the Tablighi Jamaat also are flying thick and fast about its conspiracy to kill over one lakh Indians by spreading the virus. This was revealed by Uttar Pradesh Central Shia Waqf Board Waseem Rizvi.

Rizwi alleged that Jamaatis are planning to kill over one lakh people by spreading the virus in cohorts with radical Islamist Zakir Naik and disturb Modi government.

There is also a report of Bihar police, which unraveled a nefarious Pakistani ploy of spreading the virus in India by sending infected men via Nepal. The Sashatra Seema Bal, monitoring the Indo-Nepal border, has written a letter to Champaran Superintendent of Police and District Magistrate, informing them of a racket, which is being operated from Nepal to spread the virus.

“Sanyog Nahi Prayog”

Amid this, it is worth to remember one of Modi’s famous speeches, where he said the protests against Citizenship Amendment Act are not a “coincidence”, but an “experiment” (sanyog nahi prayog) and a political conspiracy to destroy India’s harmony.

This experiment, it appears, is still being used by mullahs and left-liberal cabal to mislead and incite Muslims to create anarachy in India. This time, this eco-system is using Chinese virus to provoke the jihadis.

Incident No. 1: The Jharkhand police arrested two persons – Noor Hussain and Mohammad Inftiqar – for collecting over Rs 52 lakh by creating a fake website named “PM Relief Fund Dotcom”.

Meaning, the jihadi elements are not only busy spreading the disease to kill people, but also cheat and loot people.

Incident No. 2: As many as 52 Tablighis, out of 102, have been tested positive, and all of them had taken refuge in 13 different mosques in Delhi.

Meaning, mosques have been turned into havens to protect by this community to protect infected jamaatis and jihadis from police.

Incident No. 3: A violent Muslim mob in Meerut pelted stones on district officials when they arrived to seal the virus hotspot zone as per the containment plan guidelines.

The attack, in which district magistrate was seriously injured, had been instigated by the Imam of the mosque. The people who tested positive were from Maharashtra and were staying in the mosque.

Incident No. 4: A FIR has been filed against a political science professor of Allahabad University, Shaheed Ansari, for hiding his participation in Nizamuddin Markaz and putting the lives of 144 students under threat.

Some months back, he had returned to India from a foreign country and had attended the Markaz.

Incident No. 5: A violent Muslim youth in Jaisalmer was attacked and killed Revant Singh for lighting a lamp on Ram Navami. They were holding a grouse against him for supporting Modi’s call to applaud the healthcare workers from one’s balcony during Janata curfew.

Singh was extremely poor and his wife and brother were suffering from mental ailment.

Arrest Moulana Saad

Taking all these facts into consideration, BJP should crackdown upon the Jihadi and Tablighi Jamaat. If they don’t, they could face the same fate as Rajiv Gandhi, who had succumbed to the fears of a Muslim backlash in Shah Bano case.

They must realise, after this incident, Congress never came back to power on its own anywhere in India ever since. Modi government should arrest Tablighi Jamaat chief Moulana Saad, which may at least force hiding Tablighis to come out of their holes in protest.

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