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Some of the posts I’ve made on India and Hinduism

“I support the beef ban in India. If someone went to Saudi Arabia and ate pork then they will be killed and if a Chinese person went to England or the United States and ate dog meat then they might be killed or sent to prison. So people should not complain about not being able to eat beef in India and just respect the culture.”

“I am from Britain so why do I care so much about India and why should I care about what is happening to Hindus in some countries? If thousands of British people can protest on the streets and defend Muslims because of what is going on in the United States then one British person can defend Hindus.”

“I support Hindu nationalism in India. Under Hindu nationalism, non-Hindus in India will have more rights than non-Muslims do in Muslim countries. Hindu nationalists want peace but they are intelligent and realistic.”

“Muslims ruled India and tried to destroy Hinduism, the British ruled India and tried to destroy Hinduism, and then communists ruled India and tried to destroy Hinduism. They all tried to destroy Hinduism but Hinduism is still the major religion in India. It’s a miracle that Hindus are still the majority after all the attacks. Jai Shree Ram!”

“Many Muslims, Christian missionaries, Communists, Bollywood, and the media are all working together to try and destroy Hinduism. All proud Hindus should try and protect it.”

“I am a orthodox Hindu. I do not support Communism, Veganism, Neo teachings like all paths are the same, or population control. I do not support anything that is a threat to Hinduism.”

“India and Hinduism are one. India just wouldn’t be India without the Hindu temples, Hindu scriptures, Hindu festivals such as Diwali and Holi, Hindu mantras, dance and art. One cannot love India if they hate Hinduism and one cannot love Hinduism if they hate India.”

“If I’m British then why do I care so much about India? Because India is the Hindu spiritual homeland of the world and therefore Hindus all around the world should address the problems and should try and protect Hindu culture in India.”

“In Christianity and Islam you have prayer but in Hinduism there are many ways to connect oneself with God. Prayer, yoga, meditation, chanting mantras, etc are all great ways to connect with God. There are truths in many other religions but Hinduism gives me such a strong connection with God. A learned Hindu will never convert to another religion and one who has truly experienced God in Hinduism will never convert to another religion.”

“Under a Hindu Rashtra India will be nothing like Afghanistan. People won’t be forcefully converted like in Afghanistan, women will have a lot more rights than they do in Afghanistan, gays won’t be thrown of buildings or stoned to death like in Afghanistan, music won’t be banned like in Afghanistan, people won’t be killed for just disagreeing like in Afghanistan. Comparing BJP and RSS with the Taliban is ridiculous. BJP and RSS just want to protect Hindu culture in a country that’s always been Hindu majority. that’s fair and understandable. India will only ever become like Afghanistan if it becomes a Muslim country.”

“Western civilization is in a mess, The Middle East is in a mess, South Asia and Africa are getting worse. Humanity must wake up and abandon Abrahamism and Communism and embrace Dharma before it’s too late. “

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