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Viewership Malpractice: The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

The lies perpetrated by India Today since anti-CAA violence have resulted in a massive drop in the TRP of India Today.

This has forced its anti-Hindu and anti-India journalists Rahul Kanwal and Rajdeep Sardesai to indulge in cheating.

These fools are like the smitten cats who drink milk with their closed eyes and think the world is not watching them. They refuse to realise that it is nigh to impossibility to perpetrate lies in this digital era.

Even if they are caught redhanded for wrongful indulgence, they are so shameless that they do not budge from continuing their propaganda. Nor do they apologise for their mistakes.

These are the same bloody journalists that have completely buried the Congress. They are now on the verge to bury some foolish Bollywood filmstars through their PR journalism.

If few other right-thinking Bollywood stars had abandoned these fools and spoken for Sushant Singh Rajput, they could have avoided people’s wrath against them. For sure, their business has been hit. Sadak 2 was the testimony and Laxmi Bomb is going the same way.

In a series of wrongdoings by these journalists and TV channels, the latest offense of theirs has come to light.

The BARC Disciplinary Council (BDC) has asked India Today to pay a fine of Rs five lakh with regards to viewership malpractice on 27 April by the BARC Disciplinary Council (BDC).

However, the channel has not yet paid the penalty even though the BDC had issued the order on 31 July, as reported by OpIndia.

A show-cause notice was sent to TV Today Network Ltd and BARC in this regard, but the BDC was not satisfied with the explanation. The channel failed to explain the increase in its viewership, particularly in Mumbai and Bengaluru regions.

BDC also rapped the BARC Measurement Science Team for showing an abnormal and inexplicable increase in viewership.

Republic chief Arnab reacts to TRP rating fraud revelation.

The BDC stated that India Today had breached Section 7 of the End User License Agreement and committed viewership malpractice as alleged in the show cause notice and a report submitted by the BARC Vigilance team.

Since it was the first offence of India TV, the BDC was left with no option but to impose a penalty of Rs five lakh to BARC.

There is a Hindi saying, “Ulta Chor Kotwal Ko Dante”. This exactly fits to India Today, which went berserk, targeting Editor-in-Chief of Republic TV, for an offense his channels had not committed.

The squint-eyed anchor gleefully went all over Arnab, posting his reporters in front of his house, even before the Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh had begun his press conference, in which he falsely implicated Republic TV for TRP malpractice.

Rahul Kanwal hardly did realise that India Today itself was indicted for malpractice. Arnab, in fact, produced the FIR copy on his show, which revealed India Today’s guilt. This left the editor look worse than a bum cub-reporter.

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