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Wheat Allergy is Curable in Zyropathy

Bhuvika Yadav a three years old woulld suffer from severe bouts of diarrhea and vomiting frequently. Her stomach was swelled up abnormally and her growth was definitely affected. She was growing weaker by the day and would shy away from meeting people.

Local doctors at Rewari suggested various tests . Experimentation in the form of a different lines of treatment for a number of diseases was tried but there was no improvement as such. One of the doctor suggested her to undergo an allergy test . The reports clearly mentioned “ wheat allergy” . She was treated then at Jaipur with a strict instructions to avoid wheat products. One thing that was clearly mentioned was that there is no treatment for it and she would be fine till the time she avoids it. The family searched extensively on the internet but nowhere could they find any hope.

Bhuvika had to avoid strictly products made out of atta ( wheat flour) , maida( all purpose flour ), rawa( semolina)etc . The family was always so stressed about her food . They started avoiding social gatherings as the child would not be allowed to eat quite a few things. Each outing would be a torture for the family so they stopped socializing completely. They were constantly living in the fear as to how would she survive and manage her life.

Bhuvika ‘s grandfather is a retired medical officer. He came to know about Zyropathy and the mode of treatment. He called up and spoke at length. Being from the medical profession he was so sure that the child would never lead a normal life. He was so openly apprehensive about the way Zyropathy claimed to treat with supplements. But he still thought that he would give it a try .

Bhuvika was brought in feb 2017 when she was 5 years old to the Rewari Center of Zyropathy. I saw her physical condition and checked her reports.. After an in-depth study the family was assured that she would be cured by supplements but they would have to be patient and give some time. The mother of the child Sonal Yadav was more than willing to go against the family and try this treatment..
It was very difficult for Bhuvika to take 9 to 10 supplements at a time . Each session would result in lots of crying, vomiting etc so Sonal devised a plan . She crushed all the supplements into powder form and would mix it with little quantity of curd or daal and fed her . This worked out very well for both the child and her family.

Within one month Bhuvika started showing improvement in her physical appearance— her stomach swelling decreased, her diarrhea and vomiting reduced considerably.

I, advised Sonal to slowly start on half a chapati in the morning and another half in the evening .Every few months the diet of wheat product was slowly increased. The child responded well and she was happier. By eighth month she was eating everything without any restrictions . The child is growing up absolutely normal and is leading a very hectic and happy life.

According to Zyropathy allergy is not an ailment but is body‘s reaction to certain items as the immunity system is not prepared to assimilate it . Basically during an allergy the immunity is disturbed so a combination of immuno booster has to be given to cure. The right combination of supplements by Zyropathy provided the perfect immuno booster to Bhuvika‘s body to heal and grow.

The Yadav family is elated with the outcome and have already recommended many . Grandfather of Bhuvika who was so cynical initially about this form of healing and treatment is today an ardent and vociferous supporter of Zyropathy.

Commander Naresh Kumar Mishra 
Founder of Zyropathy

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