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Why BJP find it difficult to win in Kerala. Apart from Hindus being only 49% of the state’s population. An analysis below!

1. Kerala kings to Jews: “Welcome, you will have right to practise your religion till the sun and moon are there. You will have special rights, and here’s free land for your synagogue.”

2. Kerala kings to Syrian Christians who betrayed their Persian king and were driven out of the Middle East: “Welcome, you will have upper caste status and have right to keep private army and Hindu slaves. Here’s some free land.”

3. Kerala kings to the Portuguese: “Welcome, you can abduct any Malayali who is an Avarna and take them as slaves on your ship and sell them wherever you want.”

4. Kerala king to first Malayali doctor, Padmanabhan Palpu, an Ezhava: “If you convert to Christianity I can give you the job in my administration.” Dr Palpu refused and went to the king of Mysore who made him HOD of Health Department.

5. Kerala king Chithira Thirunal of Travancore issues Temple Entry Proclamation on November 12, 1936, allowing all castes to enter temples in his kingdom. In response, King of Kochi declares Chithira Thirunal an untouchable and bars all citizens of Travancore from entering Kochi.

6. Mass conversion of Hindus to Christianity due to resistance from administration against allowing lower castes to use even the roads near temples. Leader of Pulayas, Ayyankali, commented, “A bull is allowed on these roads, but humans are not.”

7. Time has changed a lot but mindsets haven’t changed. In Kerala every caste, even the Kshatriyas, were considered untouchable by the Namboodiri Brahmins. Today, each caste ranks itself in the social hierarchy on the basis of how close they could get to a Brahmin.

8. Kshatriyas did not have to keep distance, but the Namboodiri would do a ritual bath if he touched them. Nairs had to keep 8 ft distance. Ezhavas 16 ft. A vegetarian Paraya was killed if he was seen. (But kings and Namboodiris freely sat with a cow eating Christian).

9. Observing all this, Swami Vivekananda said in 1892: “Was there ever a sillier thing before in the world than what I saw in Malabar country? The poor Pariah is not allowed to pass through the same street as the high-caste man..but if he changes his name to a hodge-podge English name, it is all right; or to a Mohammedan name, it is all right.

What inference would you draw except that these Malabaris are all lunatics, their homes so many lunatic asylums, and that they are to be treated with derision by every race in India until they mend their manners and know better.

Shame upon them that such wicked and diabolical customs are allowed; their own children are allowed to die of starvation, but as soon as they take up some other religion they are well fed. There ought to be no more fight between the castes.”

10. Inter-caste rivalries prevent a Hindu consolidation. Savarnas are close to Christians. Avarnas are closer to Muslims. But neither Savarnas nor Avarnas gain anything because Christians and Muslims only care about their respective communities and use Hindus as stepping stones.

11. Because Hindus don’t work jointly, the control of virtually every field has gone into the hands of Christians and now slowly it’s passing to the Muslims. For instance, the Education Ministry has been with Christians for over 30 years. This is the most important sector.

12. If you control Education Ministry, you can appoint professors to colleges and their salaries are paid by the UGC. In some Christian colleges 100% of profs are Christian. in Hindu colleges, over 50% are Christian.

13. The CPM creates a sense of insecurity in Avarnas by telling them that if BJP comes to power the days of untouchability will be back. Yet, the CPM hasn’t had a single non Savarna politburo member ever. It is the most casteist party. Keralites ignore this startling fact.

14. In Kerala, it is considered perfectly normal if Muslims vote for Muslim League (which created Pakistan) and the Christians vote for Church parties. But Hindus must be secular and vote Congress or CPM. If they vote BJP they are mocked by their own family members as communal.

15. The Kerala Hindu is deeply religious. Even those who vote CPM are Lord Ayyappa bhakts. But they don’t see anything wrong with the State looting Sabarimala and Guruvayur decade after decade, and using temple offerings to pay the salaries of Christian and Muslim govt employees.

16. If you tell the secular Kerala Hindu why they tolerate such a situation, their stock answer is: “We know Christians and Muslims vote on religious lines and not on issues. But we are not like that. We cannot vote for religious reasons. We can’t be like them.”

17. Like Gandhi, who took ahimsa to ridiculous extent, even asking Hindu and Sikh women not to protest if they were raped by Muslim men, the Kerala Hindu has lost all sense of proportion when it comes to secularism.

18. Will Kerala Hindus ever learn? Unlikely. 30 years ago I passed through a Christian neighbourhood in Kochi. There was only one Hindu, a Namboodiri, in the area. I was told he lived very amicably with the (beef eating) Christians. In fact, he was proud to be only Hindu there.

19. Only President’s Rule of at least 100 years is required to rescue the Kerala Hindu from himself. Otherwise he will proudly walk into the sunset like the lone Namboodiri. During this period, intense Ghar Wapsi must be done.

20. Kerala is a strategic state with several military bases – it must not be left for Kerala Hindus to mismanage further. Kerala Hindus have pandered to every demand of Muslims and Christians. It was the Hindu CM of CPM that created Malappuram district – a mini Pakistan today.

21. Kerala has become epicentre of jehad. Muslim Leaguers who created Pakistan were asked by Jinnah to stay back in Kerala to work for Ghazwa e Hind and unite an Islamic India with Pakis. This nefarious plan must not succeed. Before Kerala becomes Kashmir, impose Army Law.

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