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Dismantling Global Libtards – Start from India!

Peeyush U. In the backdrop of the world-famous conference ‘Dismantling Global Hindutava’, sponsored by 45+ premier universities of North America in collaboration with Libtards of the world with maximum representation from India. Here is an attempt to analyze this deranged behavior.

Let’s face it, left ideology is truly global and has meticulously made deep inroads in Media, Universities, Governments, and other places one would least suspect. India is no different, in fact, worst off due to its open culture and unruly democracy. Left now has become more potent and is organized as a cabal of various groups attacking different factions of the society.

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Sandeep Dev editor-in-chief of ‘India Speaks Daily’ has coined a most appropriate term for this cabal; i.e. “Panch Makkar” or “पञ्च मक्कार”;  translating into Five Mischief-makers. Specifically in the Indian context, although true globally, the Panch Makkars of today’s time are Marxist (Communists), Macaulay’s followers, Mollanas of Madrasas, Missionaries involved in illegal conversions & dividing societies, Media of misinformation verity.

As an example, someone like George Soros would single-handedly be an embodiment of these Panch Makkars.  These Panch Makkar’s are a well-funded, well-connected cabal, and are very organized against value systems, morality, nationalism, traditions, ancient knowledge & cultures. In their fight for the common cause, this cabal has put their own internal contradictions on the back burner for now. Albeit Ideologically opposed, Communists work together with Islamists, Missionaries, capitalists, etc.

to achieve their destructive goals.  You would hardly hear this group criticizing China on Uyghurs ethnic cleansing yet the removal of article 370 is a major human rights violation. No issues with atrocities against minorities in Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, etc., but even talk of the Citizen Amendment Act (CAA) will be opposed tooth and nail. Major incidents of rapes against women, child abuse by high officials of Churches are brushed under the carpet but one Ram Rahim found and the entire Hindu community is disgraced.

Organized crimes against women or Hindus, in 2021 post-poll West Bengal will be hushed up but Government under Yogi is a representation of pure hell on earth. The corrupt, Incapable three-party rule of Maharastra is the perfect governance model and the Modi government is a dictatorship by a Hindu nationalist tyrant at the helm.

Now justifying and supporting Taliban as moderates has taken the cake. Who knows, maybe the Taliban can be proven to be an ideal good governance regime by the Theory of Relativity in comparison to ISIS, according to Sophistry Scriptures (Kutark Shastr – कुतर्क शास्त्र ).   

This cabal works in various different ways. Various wings are assigned specific tasks that include fomenting riots, issuing threats, playing the victim cards, organizing misinformation campaigns, pressurizing governments & judiciary, etc. While crude violent ways are easily detected and lawful action can be taken against them, the most dangerous among them is the intellectual wing that tries to create space in unsuspecting minds, exploiting dissatisfaction and creating confusion. If left unchecked, this is another conversion racket one needs to worry about.

One of the modus operandi of these so-called intellectuals is categorizing people to put them on the defensive; they would create their definitions to categorize people, and then scrutinize people against their created definitions. In the past, especially in the pre-social media era, this game worked fantastically in favor of this cabal but now they are getting pushback from aware netizens. Here are some of the common definitions this cabal uses in an attempt to put people on the defensive. As they say, the best defense is offense, that is how these libtards can be handled.  

Sanghi – This cabal has associated this word with Rashtriya Sevak Sangh (RSS) in a negative connotation, although they would not be able to sight any atrocities or crimes committed by RSS. Let RSS defend themselves on that, however, they are calling you ‘Sanghi’, because you made a mistake of defending your culture or nation. Often they will slap you with this label and walk away even if you are logical, cordial in your defense and discussions.

Keep them on the topic of discussion and don’t be swayed by the labels, anyway “Sangh” translates to Organization; one should not take offense with this benign neutral word.     

Bhakt – If you support PM Modi in any way you are labeled Bhakt. Attributes of a Bhakt – it is a positive word; one becomes bhakt due to admiration and respect for someone.  What is contrary to a Bhakt, Chamcha? And what are the attributes of a Chamcha? One who is looking for favors, or is afraid of his/her master. You decide what is better? Modi’s Bhakt or Rahul’s Chamcha!

Hindutva – Often they will say that they don’t have anything against Hinduism but they are against Hindutva, which according to them is about majority politics allegedly BJP, RSS involves themselves with. One must ask them Hindutva = Hindu + Tatva, how does politics gets defined by Tatva of Hindus’ or Hinduism.  They would condemn, misrepresent concepts of caste, economy, gender equality, science, health, etc. practiced by Hindus under this Hindutva definition of theirs, in essence attacking Hinduism itself.

One can count on this cabal’s fairness, they may surely be in the process of coining a new definition for Minority appeasement politics by Congress and other family-owned parties, since ‘Secularism’ seems to be overused and worn out now.

Freedom of Expression (FOE!) – This cabal is the biggest proponent of FoE. Try posting your views on bad practices under Islam, Christianity or point out misrepresentation of History by leftist historians on any social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or even YouTube – although YouTube is a little more forgiving – you will soon realize how much FOE you have!

Here I have not even touched upon Gau Mutra, Holy Cow, Bhagwa, Ayurveda, among many other twisted definitions of theirs. But you get the point! The absence of truth is always filled with lies. That is why we have such false narratives created – Panch Makkar are FOE champions; There is only one ‘Religion of Peace’; Only one ‘Religion of Love’ on earth; One would hardly come across Saccha (truthful) Hindu in Bollywood movies but there are plenty of Saccha Musalman or Loving & forgiving Mothers and Fathers to go around. LOL!

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