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URDU PRESS REVIEW: Islamic madarsaas have become den of terrorism!

Sartaz Aziz, adviser to Pakistan Prime minister Nawaz Sharif, accepted that Islamic madarsaas of Pakistan have become den of terrorism. These madarsaas are giving terror training and they are preparing human bombs. Mosques and madarsaas have underground buildings which are used for terrorist activities. These madarsaas have been closed.

According to Munsif (March 6), Sartaz Aziz, adviser to Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif, accepted that Islamic madrassas in Pakistan have become den of terrorism and for such a situation those Afghan refugees are responsible who escaped Afghanistan in 2001 to reach Pakistan.

All these madarsaas give terror training and they have become factories for bomb making. These Islamic madarsa are also involved in brainwashing Muslim youths to make them human bombs. There are basement building in several mosques and madarsa where arrangements for training is made besides their stay.

Special mosques for women built

According to Munsif (February 14), a new mosque was inaugurated in the Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmarks where only women would be allowed to offer namaj. Imam of this mosque would also be a woman.

Revolt in Saudi Arabia

As per a report published in Munsif on February 14, there is a possibility that king of Saudi Arab Shah Salman bin Abdul al Aziz might relinquish throne. It is said that he wants to step down in favour of his son and defence minister of Saudi Arabia Mohammad al Saud.

Number of fighter of IS of western origin declines

According to Akhbar Mashriq (February 25), there is a 20 per cent decline in the number of IS fighter from the western origin. According to British newspaper The Times, people from the western countries involved in this movement are gradually getting disappointed and they are trying to return their native places.

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It is said that people recruited forcefully by jihadies are also running away from the battleground. As per intelligence agencies of the US, the number of fighters from foreign origin fighting in Syria and Iraq has come down from 31 thousand to 25 thousand.

Big numbers of fighters deployed by Baghdadi in battleground have fled. They included women and minor children. This is to recall that fighters of Islamic states included people from several countries who are misguided by the call of jihad.

Women to be recruited in Arabian security forces

According to Akhbar Mashriq (February 25), Saudi Arabia is considering recruiting and providing army training to women for deploying security of important buildings, places and petroleum reservoirs. As per the government sources, frisking of women travelers to be handed over to these security personnel.

Europe under the threat of Islamic terrorist

According to Munsif (February 21), a police agency of the European Union warned that around 5000 Islamic terrorist trained by Baghdadi might intrude into Europe. These terrorists have been given army training at secret places in Syria and several other places.

Courtesy: India Policy Foundation

URDU PRESS REVIEW: Islamic madarsaas have become den of terrorism

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