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Dr Ambedkar Was More A Sanatani Than A Buddhist!

Today, on the birth anniversary of Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, I came across two hashtags trending on Twitter. One was “Manu K Kapoot Mahamoorkh” and “Anti-Sanatan Day.”

These hashtags were an attempt to insinuate that Dr Ambedkar was Anti-Sanatan.

One who trended these hashtags are ignorant fools, or have not understood Dr Ambedkar’s writings correctly.

Let me clarify on that. Dr Ambedkar was a Sanatani and died as one.

Some may ask how is that possible, because he died as a Buddhist before renouncing Hinduism.

Yes of course. He renounced Hinduism, but he still is a Sanatani. Because, Buddhism is a part and parcel of Sanatan Dharma. This nobody can deny. Not even His Holiness Dalai Lama, the most revered Buddhist leader in the world.

He said, “When I say that Buddhism is a part of Hinduism, certain people criticize me. But if I were to say that Hinduism and Buddhism are totally different, it would not be in conformity with truth.”

Not only this, Dr Ambedkar also wrote: “Buddha differed from the Vedic Brahmins, but he did so only in matters of creed, but left the Hindu legal framework intact. He did not propound a separate law for his followers.”

So, it is clear from the Dalai Lama and Dr Ambedkar’s arguments that being a Buddhist does not mean someone’s existence as a Sanatani ends thereof.

Many do not know that Dr Ambedkar wished for the formation of Sanatana Dharma Rashtra by bringing in Uniform Civil Code and Hindu Code Bill, based on Hindu scriptures.

The Hindu Code Bill, Dr Ambedkar believed, would be instrumental in moulding Hindus into a unitary society based on the principles of liberty and equality.

Thus we see Dr Ambedkar advocating the formation of a Hindu society which has learnt its lessons from its past follies and tragedies, a Hindu society which is inclusive and universal and ready to assert itself in the new global context of the battle of civilizations.

This shows he was not against Sanatana Dharma, but against an ugly caste Hindu system.

Yes he wanted the annihilation of the caste system, but wanted implementation of the Varna system. He had made this clear in his argument with Mahatma Gandhi. He argued that Varna system could only be established after the annihilation of the caste system. So, he was very clear that varna and caste systems are two opposite systems.

Dr Ambedkar also loved and revered Vedas. Talking about Vedas, he wrote: “That a woman was entitled to Upanayan is clear from the Atharva Veda where a girl is spoken of as being eligible for marriage having finished her Brahmacharya.”

He also wrote: “From the Shrauta Sutras, it is clear that women could repeat the mantras of the Vedas and that women were taught to read the Vedas. Panini’s Ashtaadhyai bears testimony to the fact that women attended Gurukul and studied the various shakhas of the Vedas and became experts in Mimamsa.”

Dr Ambedkar also revered Sanskrit. He had sponsored an amendment to Article 310 to make Sanskrit the official language of Indian Union in place of Hindi.

The amendment was supported by Dr B V Kesar, Deputy Minister of External Affairs and Prof Naziruddin Ahmed. The report on this demand was published in all newspapers on 11th September, 1949.

However, Ambedkar’s proposal fell through and Hindi was chosen as the national language in 1947. And, English was chosen as the link language.

All these examples show that Dr Ambedkar was more a Sanatani than a Buddhist.

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1 Comment

  1. Avatar Virendra Dandekar says:

    Respected Shri Naraayannkar,
    Sir, your above article clears the doubts, if any, in the minds of many who have not read the Dr Ambedkar’s mind as well as his writings on various subjects.
    Although i could happen to read very few, through various articles, from vdos(presently) , always admired his approach & acceptance of Buddhism against Islam( he seems to have been approached by Muslim heads), but very few cud understand the logic. Unfortunately , people who try to follow his path are spreading wrong notions against Hinduism, for them your Article is befitting reply.
    with high regards,

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